Revive your Wardrobe

be the inspiration

…all those pieces of clothing you bought and never wore…
…all those pieces of clothing you wore and never felt comfortable in…
…all those pieces of clothing you loved and never dared to wear…

My inspiration is a dedication to the Accordion player at Hallesches Tor.
The pleated structure of the instrument made me think of the garment long forgotten – a pleated skirt!

Both the instrument and the skirt are defined by the movement of a pleated structure,
releasing something of the emotional excitement of revealing a secret.
Pleats transform with every movement.

The strapping of the instrument to the body is symbolized through the ribbons:
a celebration of the joy set loose by the passion of the player.


Learn to revive your Wardrobe – be the inspiration!

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Discover the poetry of your wardrobe by looking at the contents in a new light!
Costume designer, Thérèse Browne, invites you to take part in a two-day weekend workshop where you will learn to creatively revive a garment of your choice with enjoyment.

According to the criteria of cut, style and aesthetics, you will strive to complete a unique piece of clothing stamped with your very own personal signature of self-expression. A central part of the workshop will explore how best to apply your resources imaginatively – whereby upcycling becomes a valuable contributor in the preservation of our planet.
Under professional guidance, you will be instructed in the necessary sewing skills to achieve the desired results.

Day 1
Tea and coffee will be served on arrival.
Topics such as materials and fabrics will be discussed, along with sources of inspiration rooted in costume and fashion, art and design. The process of transforming your garment will run parallel.

Day 2
The finer touches will be applied to your garment by focusing on the craft of finish, detail, and accessorizing a piece of clothing.

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